Identify irrational thinking behind the worry.

Some of our most stressful thoughts are caused by irrational ideas. Here are a dozen of the most potent:

  • I must be approved of and loved by everybody I know: family, friends, and even casual Acquaintances
  • I must be unfailingly competent and perfect in all I do
  • It is terrible if things, people or events are not as I wish them to be
  • I must have somebody or something stronger than myself to rely on
  • I am helpless and cannot control what I experience or feel
  • Lasting relationships depend on my being unselfish
  • People reject me unless I continually please them
  • If people disapprove of me, it means I must be wrong or bad
  • Being alone is the worst thing that can happen
  • My happiness depends on others
  • There is a perfect love and a perfect relationship somewhere to be found
  • My value as a person depends on how much I achieve
  • The answer to all my problems is out there somewhere

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