Family Counselling

Family Counselling

Sometimes people you love find a way to make you upset and angry. It would be so good if everyone in a family had a chance to win in a discussion or a dispute and no one had to lose. Win-win can happen when families understand the dynamics of their situation.

Families can seek assistance to help them to:

  • Improve difficult relationships
  • Handle a problematic situation
  • Work together on an issue or problem
  • Cope with separation, divorce or re-marriage
  • Deal with problems often experienced in blended families

To make further enquiries or to request an appointment, Request a Callback or email [email protected].

Want to get some advice straight away? I wrote the book below so you can get started in the comfort of your home.

Family Counselling

The Little Book of Relationship Fixes

$15.00 AUD

Now you may think, “Not another “Men are from Mars…” book!” The answer is a little bit yes and a little bit no.

Most people want to dive in and find an immediate solution for their issue and this book tries to do just that. After reading this book, you will have more information about:

– Male and female perspectives in problem solving.

– The effects of emotional states on how you react

– How to harness your emotions more effectively

All of these help build better connection and communication. Practice them and be surprised and pleased at the positive results.

Kindle Edition available on

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