Asking your kids before you bombard them with information is key
Asking your kids before you bombard them with information is key. Photo: Getty Images

Coronavirus Anxiety: It’s Real. Here’s How To Deal With It.

The news has been overwhelming, and constant. Every day, we’ve been bombarded with new information about COVID-19. We’re having to make new decisions for the health and safety of our loved ones. And, we’re hearing about the effects its having on our jobs and economy.

How will any of us stay sane?

Psych for Life with Dr. Amanda Ferguson

Anxiety, Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Facing a ‘Trifle of Troubles’ with Psychologist Lorraine Corne

How To Keep Mentally Healthy When You’re Working From Home

As cases of COVID-19 rise, so to is the number of people being urged to self isolate or work from home. While it’s wholly necessary to stop the spread of this pandemic, working from home for a long period of time can take its toll on your mental health and sanity.

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Tips for coping in Covid-19 world

Anxiety and calming app, Sanvello, are making it easier for individuals to ease and anxiety stress that arises due to the coronavirus pandemic by releasing its premium content for free. Read more…

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