Youth Counselling

Youth Counselling

Adolescents find it increasingly difficult to be heard by their parents. They become frustrated and depressed around family and friends. In some cases, they may resort to self-harming activities or develop an eating disorder.

Parents may find that when their child moves into puberty, relationships become difficult due to outside influences which may include peer group pressure, relationship strains between spouses impacting on the adolescent, and concerns about commitment to education.

Parents and adolescents can seek assistance to help them to:

  • Combat bullies
  • Schedule homework and study time
  • Have better friendships
  • Handle anger
  • Work better within blended families
  • Cope with divorcing parents
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Recover from shyness and social phobia
  • Change self-harming practices
  • Recover from bulimia
  • Change addictive habits

To have a confidential chat or to request an appointment, Request a Callback or email [email protected].

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