What to expect

What to expect

Your First Appointment

The first appointment (the initial consultation) is where you give information about yourself covering your background, immediate family information, a family doctor, a health fund (if you belong) and how an APS psychologist is ethically required to treat you. In this first session you will agree on a path of a short-term plan of action. Each consultation is one hour.

To find out more about what goes on in appointments contact Lorraine Corne on [email protected].

Fees and Conditions

Fees are payable at the time of the session. Fees are set by the practice but generally follow the recommendations of the APS (Australian Psychological Society). You can pay by cash, cheque, direct debit or credit card. The credit cards accepted are: MasterCard, Visa and Amex. If your session is being paid for or you are sending a child or adolescent, the sessions are charged to a credit card and receipt sent to the appropriate person. Occasionally, accounts are sent if credit card facilities are unavailable. If you are on a Mental Health Care Plan the rebate can be electronically done for you at the clinic.

Court reports are required to be paid on completion.


Medicare Rebates

There are a number of Australian Government initiatives under which psychologists are eligible to provide services under Medicare. To provide services, psychologists must meet the eligibility requirements for the particular Medicare item. Lorraine Corne provides this service to her clients. The referral must come from a GP, pediatrician or psychiatrist. The basic rebate works out to be around 40% of the psychologist’s fee. The rebate can increase when you reach the safety net. If you are a student or on a government pension or out of work then the session can be bulk billed.

Health Fund Rebates

Rebates are provided by an increasing number of private health funds including:

  • Medibank Private
  • MBF
  • NIB
  • NSW Teachers Health Society
  • Government Employees Health Fund
  • HCF [for group stress management only]
  • Also, many employer sponsored funds

You should consult your health fund to determine eligibility. If you are not eligible or if you are not in a private fund, you may be able to include fees for psychological services as a tax deduction.

To make further enquiries or to request an appointment, Request a Callback or email [email protected].

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